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Browning has a long history of making top quality firearms. While growing up deer hunting with my dad, his favorite deer rifle was a BAR in 30.06 with open sights.  I watched him make many long range shots on western mule deer with that rifle, instilling in me at an early age a respect and reverence for Browning.  It also made me think only of guns when I think of Browning.  However, the company has come to be so much more.

Browning has sold their own line of clothing for many years and has a rabid following for it, especially amongst the waterfowl community. In recent years they further expanded into the big game world with their Hell’s Canyon line of camo.  Now they have created their Lifestyle line of clothing and accessories.

The Browning Lifestyle line offers shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, belts, shoes, boots, bags, wallets, belts, automotive accessories and stuff for both your babies and pets. This is a huge line of goods aimed at the outdoorsman.  I had the opportunity to test out some of their belts and shoes on a recent trip to Wyoming.  There are numerous belt styles and colors to choose from with a bunch of different buckles.  They all are well made and look very good.  I tried a brown one with the Buckmark buckle along with the camo Ouray belt.  Both were comfortable and worked well, even when hanging a knife sheath from them.  Their quality was excellent and gives the wearer the appearance of wearing fine leather but at a reasonable price.

Browning lets you be stylish even when you’re trying to blend in!

Browning has been in the footwear line for years making awesome hunting boots but this year they came out with trail shoes. There are three different models and ten color options, with prices ranging from $40-$80.  These are good, comfortable outdoor shoes that won’t break the bank while you beat them up in the woods.  I took a pair of the Buck Pursuit shoes on a prairie dog hunt and found that I enjoyed wearing them all day.  They handled the uneven rough terrain of the Wyoming prairie just fine and stood up to all the rocks and brush I drug them through.  All three shoes look great so the hard part is picking just one!

Browning's trail shoes are as comfortable as they are good-looking.
Browning’s trail shoes are as comfortable as they are good-looking.

Today’s consumer has so many choices available to them it is hard to keep up with all the options. If you haven’t seen Browning’s Lifestyle Apparel line, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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