Foresaken Arms


About a year or so ago I was camping at the Glen Helen Raceway with my son getting ready for some motocross training. A motorhome pulled up beside me and out stepped John Leard. I was neighborly and introduced myself to him and we began talking mostly about dirt bikes and our military background. As we got to know each other John began telling me about him being a co-owner of Forsaken Arms. This really peaked my interest. As the year went by we continued to hang out at the races and became good friends. I told John I would like to check out some of his AR-15 builds and perhaps do a review on one of them. I believe John’s exact words were, “Hell yeah”. John and I met up at the range a few weeks back and he unveiled two of his AR-15 builds. One was called the Echo-15 Mk1B in patriot brown and the other was the Echo-15 Mk3 in sniper grey.

The first gun case I opened contained the Echo-15 Mk1B. The patriot brown Cerakote job was pristine. John did a top notch job with this gun. His attention to detail really shows. The Forsaken Arms Logo on the left side of the mag well really “pops out” at you in this patriot brown color and the engraving is impeccable. This gun is equipped with a black Magpul MOE Grip and a black Magpul CTR stock. I am a fan of the patriot brown with black dressings and this gun is definitely sexy. The Echo-Mk1B comes equipped with forged 7075 T6 upper and lower receivers.  The barrel is a 16” government profile 5.56mm with a 1:7 twist and finished in QPQ nitride.  The forend is a free float 13” Keymod CMR Rail System and topped with A.R.M.S. #71 back-up sights.  This model features an enhanced mil-spec fire control group with a longitudinal grind for a smoother break.

I opened the second case which contained the Echo-15 Mk3 and it was like opening the “Holy Grail” of AR-15’s. This thing was immaculate. The sniper grey cerakote job was flawless. This rifle was also engraved with the Forsaken Arms Logo on the left side of the mag well. On the right side of the mag well I noticed what appeared to be a crashing wave with a skull design containing the number 21 written in the eye socket of the skull. The design was wicked cool and the engraving was immaculate but I had no idea what the “Skull Wave” was about.  It turns out that Forsaken Arms was doing this build for Sea State 21. So what the heck is Sea State 21? It’s coffee and apparel that is sold in honor of military veterans and seafarers.  I don’t know about you but it looks like I am getting some coffee and t-shirts.

The Echo-15 Mk3 comes equipped with some of the same features as its cousin but with the addition of some nice upgrades. These include an ambidextrous charging handle, Battle Comp 1.0 compensator, 15” Keymod CMR Rail System, G10 grip, Geissele 4.5lb SSA trigger, enhanced trigger guard and a Magpul ACS-L stock with 6 position buffer tube.

Now that I had seen the guns and was enamored in their appearance I really wanted to know how they would shoot. Like two kids in a candy store, John and I grabbed a handful of ammo and began loading up our Magpul magazines to capacity. The first volley was from the Echo-15 Mk1B. It was everything I would have expected from Forsaken Arms. It was well balanced, it had a crisp trigger pull that was very smooth, and it shot extremely well. We shot numerous rounds through this gun without one hick-up.

After putting the Echo-15 Mk1B through its paces it was time to move onto the Echo-15 Mk3 or should I say the “Piece De Resistance”. After my first trigger pull I was probably as happy as I was when my first child was born, (just kidding son!) but you get my point. The Geissele trigger was everything you would expect from a Geissele but so much more when you combine it with a Battle Comp 1.0 compensator and a well-balanced AR-15. I put this gun through its paces and had not one misfire. Not one! The Echo-15 Mk3 is the complete and total package.

The Spyderco Shaman and Liquid Eyewear metal framed glasses make great range companions.

So here is the bottom line. If you are in need of or want a quality AR with an immaculate Cerakote finish and put together with extreme precision get a hold of the boys at Forsaken Arms. Oh and did I mention they Cerakote all types of firearms as well as motorcycle frames and motorcycle engine cases. If you have something you want Cerakoted then give them a call and see what they say. You might be surprised.

Check them out on their website, Facebook – Forsaken Arms or Instagram – Forsakenarms.