Apex Tactical Specialties Trigger Kits


The trigger of a firearm is one of the most critical components when it comes to safe handling and accurate shooting.  Many factory guns come with less than perfect triggers.  There are a variety of reasons for this but once the gun is in your hands, you don’t really care why you just want to fix it.  This is where the folks at Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. come in.  Apex was created to make handguns better for everyone.  This includes Law Enforcement, competition shooters and anyone who just wants a better shooting pistol.  This is one of the few after-market trigger manufacturers many LE agencies allow for use in their duty handguns.

I had a few handguns in the safe that needed a tune up so the gang at Apex came through with some trigger kits.  The first gun is a Smith & Wesson SDVE 9mm pistol.  This is a good affordable pistol but it has a terrible factory trigger.  The Apex trigger kit for this model is one of the most simple of them all.  It is simply a trigger and four springs!  With a retail price of just $54.95, this is one of the least expensive trigger kits you will find and it made a world of difference with the SDVE pistol.  The trigger pull feels lighter but most important the break is crisp, the travel is shorter and the reset is reduced and more defined.  We shot two SDVE pistols side by side, an original and mine with the Apex, and everyone agreed the Apex made it feel like a different gun.

The Apex kit for the S&W SDVE 9mm is simple and affordable.

The next pistol for an Apex makeover was the new FN 509 9mm.  This is a great polymer pistol and FN did a nice job with it.  But as is typical of most polymer pistols, the trigger is lacking.  It is not a bad trigger as factory triggers go, but it can definitely be improved.  This is where Apex shines.  This kit comes with a new trigger, trigger bar and sear.  Once again the change was dramatic, with shorter travel, a crisp break and a short reset.  The addition of this trigger kit definitely moved the FN 509 into a higher class of pistol.

The Apex FN 509 kit is only two parts.
The FN 509 kit installed. Notice the flatter trigger face.

The final handgun to get some Apex love was a new Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS.  This pistol has one of the best factory triggers out there so I was skeptical whether it was even worth changing out the trigger to an Apex.  I own and shoot a lot of handguns and have always been impressed with Glock factory triggers.  But I forged ahead and installed the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, Trigger Bar and Performance Connector.  I was impressed immediately and could feel the difference.  The trigger pull and break was lighter than before with the expected crispness and short reset.  Where it really showed was in the faster follow up shots on plate drills.  This gun is designed to shoot fast and the Apex made it even faster.  This kit is also approved for use in USPSA’s Production Division for competition shooters.

The Apex Glock Gen 5 kit comes with a new trigger, trigger bar and connector.
The new Apex Glock Gen 5 trigger makes a great gun even better!

Now let’s talk about the installation of these triggers.  Apex does a great job of putting video links on their site to walk you through the process of installing anything they make.  If you are a gunsmith, these are a piece of cake.  If you are an armorer and have experience taking guns apart and putting them back together, these are not difficult with the video in front of you.  But if you are simply a parts changer and have little or no experience taking guns down to this level, I would highly recommend taking it to a gunsmith for a professional installation.  When installed properly, these triggers are as safe as or safer than the factory original.  But if done improperly, who knows what could go wrong?  Apex Tactical Specialties makes excellent replacement triggers for modern pistols.  They are worth every penny you spend on them which makes them a bargain.


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John Russo is a life-long hunter, shooter and outdoorsman. He is a retired Police Sergeant from Southern California with over 29 years of service. He has been a SWAT Sniper, Child Abuse Detective and Homicide Unit Supervisor. As the leader of the Police Department's Firearms Training Unit, he has been teaching firearms for over 26 years to law enforcement, military and civilians. His credentials include a laundry list of certifications as an instructor and armorer on all types of weapon systems. John has been writing for various gun magazines for many years and has been published over 100 times on topics ranging from hunting, shooting, guns, training and law enforcement.