Get a Grip! – Sport Skin Palm Protectors by Striker Concepts


During the annual 2019 Shot Show Event in Las Vegas, NV, I ran across the folks from Striker Concepts. I was immediately attracted to their booth because my son races motocross. One of their items that I found to be interesting was their Sport Skin palm protectors. My son has complained to me after riding his dirt bike that he had blisters on the palms of his hands. I wondered if the Sport Skin would help alleviate the blisters from occurring. I spoke with the fine folks at Striker Concepts and was given an opportunity to write a review on the Sport Skin.

When the Sport Skin arrived in the mail I tried them on and liked the feel. They are made out of neoprene so it feels like a wet suit for your palms. But before I get into the review of the Sport Skin I should give you a little background about me. I am part of a cult known as, “CrossFit” and have been involved in CrossFit since 2012. I am by no means a super athlete and do not go to the CrossFit games but I do enjoy the group workouts and the friendly competitions. So when I saw the Sport Skin I wondered if I could use them for working out, so I essentially took them from my son for me to use.

I usually don’t wear gloves when I work out but the palms of my hands often blister or tear during pull-ups, ring muscle-ups and bar muscle-ups. I put the sport skins on and started out doing some dumbbell presses. The Sport Skin felt good on my hands and were not bulky, which allowed me to achieve a good grip. I went over to the pull up bar and began doing pull ups. I did some strict pull-ups and for all the CrossFit haters: Yes, I did do some kipping pull-ups. If I wear gloves or tape on my hands during my pull-up sessions, they tend to be a hindrance for achieving a good pull-up. Especially during kipping pull ups which require more movement. I didn’t get that with the Sport Skin.

It is starting to warm-up here in Southern California so now is a good time to test the Sport Skin due to the heat. Inside my gym/box it gets like a sauna during the summer and it can become difficult to grip the bars. Even though my hands were sweaty, the sport skins allowed me to still achieve that nice firm grip which is something I greatly appreciated. Another thing I appreciated about the Sport Skin is they did not start to smell over time.

One other aspect you can look at from a safety point it that the gym can often get crowded. When kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells are being used all over the gym bad things can happen if safety precautions aren’t being used. If a slip occurs during kettle bell swings, there is a high likelihood someone could get injured or a hole could get punched in the wall.

If you go to the Striker Concepts website, you will also notice there is not only the Sport Skin palm protectors but the Tough Skin and Gym Skin palm protectors. Over on the Risk Racing website they offer the moto version simply called “Palm Protectors”. The Sport Skin, the Tough Skin, the Gym Skin and the Palm Protectors cost the same and are made of neoprene material. They just have a different look.

Overall I think Sport Skin palm protectors were a great idea and I plan on exploring different avenues with them to include dirt biking, mountain biking, and hopefully I will be able to use them to pack out my monster bull elk this year.