Mossberg’s First Handgun in 100 Years! MC1sc 9mm Subcompact


My go to gun for concealment has always been a Glock 19 Gen 3 with a ROBAR frame. I love the Glock 19 and always will but it was time for me to try out one of the new subcompacts. I was leaning towards the Glock 43 since I am a Glock fan. The Glock 43 has a great reputation and shoots very well. Me being me, I decided to go out of my box and purchase the Mossberg MC1sc. Maybe it was the thought of buying the first handgun that Mossberg has made in a hundred years or maybe it was the price difference. Depending on where you find the best deal, the Mossberg MC1sc is about $100.00 less than the Glock 43.

I took this gun to the range and initially put about 50 rounds of Black Hills ball ammo through it. It was a blast to shoot. The grip felt right and the texturing was comfortable and not too aggressive. The slide has unique multi-angle serrations that make it easy to hang on to.  The trigger has a flat profile with a blade safety. The trigger pull is pretty good for out of the box and the reset is crisp, easy to find and audible enough to hear it. Coming up on target with the dovetail white three-dot sights was easy for target acquisition and getting rounds down range. The magazine release was easily identifiable and dropped the mags with ease. The MC1sc came with two clear magazines with an orange follower. One is a 6 rounder and the extended magazine is a 7 rounder. Depending on your hand size you may only get two fingers on the stock mag. With the extended mag I was able to get three fingers.

The clear magazines make it easy to keep track of rounds while the finger extension gives the shooter a little extra purchase on the small grip.

Now let’s talk about take down. I am a certified Glock armorer (among many others) and have taken a Glock down more times than I care to recall. It is simple. What a lot of folks do not like or even say is “scary” is the fact that you have to depress the trigger which will enable you to take the slide off the frame. Well Mossberg has taken the depressing of the trigger out of the equation. With the Mossberg all you do is lock the slide to the rear, press in and down on the backplate, remove the firing pin assembly and release the slide allowing the slide to disconnect from the frame. That’s all there is to it.  Mossberg has trademarked this and calls it the Safe Takedown System.

The MC1 has great ergonomics with a tactile grip and mag release. The flat trigger helps give this gun its shootability.

I carry this gun religiously now for concealment. I still enjoy my Glock 19 but depending on my activities I typically go with the Mossberg. It weighs in at a light 22 ounces fully loaded.  For my concealment holster I went with the Crossbreed MiniTuck IWB holster for deep concealment with a small frame pistol. I wear this holster on my right side more towards the small of my back. I also typically carry an extra magazine with me so I went with the Crossbreed Accomplice Magazine Carrier. I like the Accomplice Mag Carrier because it allows me to switch between IWB and OWB. I wear it as an IWB in an appendix carry position with the MC1sc extended magazine inserted. Both holster and magazine pouch are comfortable and are easy to draw from. Crossbreed makes many exceptional holsters and I am sure you could find one that meets your needs.

The Crossbreed MiniTuck IWB holster keeps the MC1 tucked securely out of sight while keeping it ready for quick use.








I have put a few hundred rounds of a mixture of ball and hollow point ammo through the MC1sc and haven’t had one malfunction. It’s a good shooter and I highly recommend it. Check out the Mossberg website and see which model you like best.  The market is full of sub-compacts. Ultimately you have to find one that shoots right for you. Take care and God Bless.