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Richard Gallagher’s Galco Gunleather has been making top quality leather gear since 1969.  I haven’t been using their stuff quite that long but our relationship does go back over 25 years.  My first Galco holster was the Ankle Glove ankle holster.  27 years later this is still my favorite ankle rig.  Galco has grown and adapted to the times, creating new designs with the latest synthetic and Kydex materials, while remaining true to their heritage and continuing to produce beautiful leather creations.  Below is a compilation of some of their latest and greatest offerings.  This is just a taste of the many products offered by Galco Gunleather, check out their website for full details.


Classic Lite Shoulder System

Galco made its name with the original Jackass Shoulder Rig which was used on the 1980’s TV show Miami Vice.  The Classic Lite is a horizontal shoulder holster made of premium center cut steerhide.  The off side features a single mag pouch with a snap closure.  The holster has a soft suede finish and works great with lighter weight handguns.  I have been carrying my Sig 365XL in this rig and it has become my favorite carry method when I can wear a cover garment.  I have found the rig is so light and comfortable, I don’t need a jacket to cover it up as I can wear it under a shirt.  With a little practice, you will find it is really easy to draw the gun quickly.


Tacslide Belt Holster

The Tacslide is a great example of Galco’s blend of old world leather work combined with modern Kydex.  The backplate is made of premium steerhide while the holster body is formed Kydex.  The Tacslide comfortably wraps around your body while the Kydex holster allows the gun to be easily drawn and re-holstered while holding it securely.  With its high ride design, this is a great concealment holster when you want to wear outside the pants.


Kydex Single Magazine Carrier

There are a lot of magazine carriers out there and this is one of the best.  It comes with both a belt slide and a quick on-off belt clip.  Galco makes this mag carrier for just about any mag, including the Sig 365XL.  It is a great companion to the Tacslide.




Fastrax Pac Waistpack

It’s funny how things come full circle.  When I started carrying a gun in the early 1990s, the fanny pack was all the rage.  As the decades rolled by, smaller and lighter guns were created and the waist pack fell out of style.  Now we are seeing it making a comeback.  Galco recognized this and created the new Fastrax Pac Waistpack.  The Fastrax has a main compartment that carries a rotating holster with an activation cord.  The user pulls the cord with their off-hand which causes the holster to rotate up, placing the handgun in the perfect position for drawing with the dominant hand.  The pack can be converted for right or left hand use and will fit a wide array of handguns.  There is also a front pocket for other every day carry items.  The pack is black with a light gray trim, giving it a softer look that doesn’t scream “gun toter!”  If you like using a waistpack for carrying your handgun, this one is very comfortable.


SAO Strongside/Crossdraw Belt Holster

Recently my good friend Bubba gave me an old Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Magnum.  I love the .41 and used to have one of these and have always regretted selling it.  Being the good friend he is, Bubba gave me his.  It is a great gun but it had seen some miles and wear, so I took it to my buddies at North County Shooting Center and they refinished it with a beautiful two-tone Cerakote finish.  It was only fitting it have a shiny new holster to ride in and the SAO is a fine piece of leather craftsmanship.  Also made of premium steerhide, it has a retention strap and also an adjustable tension unit allowing the gun to obtain a snug fit.  The back plate offers three slots so the holster can be worn strongside or crossdraw.  Couple this holster with their excellent 2x2x2 Ammo Carrier, put them both on an SB6 Fancy Stitched Belt and you have a nice set up.

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