KET Brass-Deflector


Every now and then a product comes along and we all say, “Damn! Why didn’t I think of that??”  The new KET Brass-Deflector is one such product.  I have used brass catcher type devices on my AR in the past and some simply don’t work, others work ok and a few even induce malfunctions in the rifle.   The guys at KET learned from this and created a new alternative.  Rather than try to catch and hold the brass, this one simply directs it straight down for easier clean up.

The KET Brass-Deflector comes in a variety of colors. The Velcro patches allow you to personalize it.

The KET Brass-Deflector is made of lightweight heat resistant material and comes in a variety of colors including black, tan, green, orange and gray.  What makes it so ingenious is the mounting method.  The unit comes with three snap on mounts allowing it to attach to just about any rifle.  The mounts attach to a Picatinny rail, 1” scope tube or 30” scope tube.  I tried it on both carbine and rifle ARs as well as a bolt action elk rifle and it worked fine with all of them.  The unit is held away from the action so it doesn’t interfere with any moving parts.  When you are done shooting, it folds flat for easy storage.

The included clips allow the Deflector to be attached to a scope.


This clip allows the Deflector to be attached to a PIcatinny rail making it perfect for most ARs.

The KET Brass-Deflector definitely makes brass pick up a lot easier.  It is 100% made in the USA and can be purchased on Amazon.


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