Galco Holsters for RDS Guns


The last handgun I wrote about was the Mossberg MC1sc and how I was leaving behind my Gen 3 Glock 19 to switch to a sub-compact. Well I guess I am a man who is never happy and wanted to get into the RDS (Red Dot Sight) world. The RDS I chose to go with was the Leupold Delta Point Pro simply because I really like Leupold optics and I know they make a quality product. For my handgun I chose to go with the Sig Sauer P320 X-Compact because I haven’t purchased a Sig Sauer since 2002 and I really like the concept of the “modular” system. I am also running suppressor sights. If you opt to run this same set-up and choose to run suppressor sights, you will need to get a tall front sight. I got mine from Dawson Precision and it is .400” tall x .125” wide. The rear sight is the Leupold Delatpoint Pro Rear Iron Sight. This set-up works amazing and works great for co-witnessing your sights.

So now that you know what my recent purchase was, let’s talk about the holsters that I chose. I have heard horror stories about people trying to find a holster that fits this set-up. Well I guess they just didn’t know where to go. I pulled up the Galco website, entered my gun information and clicked IWB (inside the waistband) holster and just like magic, the Paragon ambidextrous IWB Kydex holster appeared. Not only was the Paragon IWB holster on that page but so was the Corvus Belt/IWB Kydex holster. Done deal. I got them on order ASAP and waited anxiously for them to arrive.

Upon arrival of the holsters I didn’t do too much of an inspection. I didn’t even read the directions. I wanted to make sure my 320 X-Compact was a good fit. I inserted my gun into both holsters and they fit perfectly. There is good retention but not so much that you have to yank it out of the holster. The holsters would pass the Dairy Queen Blizzard test. Basically, if I can hold it upside down and the gun doesn’t fall out then it passed the test.

The Corvus is an excellent OWB holster that gives you multi adjustments and keeps the optic from riding on the Kydex.

My every day carry is an IWB holster on my strong side hip. I do not like an appendix carry simply because it’s not comfortable for me but since the Paragon holster came with a stabilizer to help with the imprint on an appendix carry holster, I gave it a shot. Well….I still didn’t like it so I took the stabilizer off and tried it on my strong side hip and it felt great. The Paragon has two adjusters on it to help you set the ride height and carry angle. I left my carry angle straight up and down and adjusted the ride height so it sat low in my waistband. With the gun inserted into the holster, the Leupold optic sat flush in the holster but was not touching the Kydex. I have seen holsters where the red dot was resting on the on front Kydex portion of the holster. My 320 X-Compact in this holster was just off the Kydex about ¼ of an inch. This holster also accommodated my suppressor sights. I was concerned about the taller front suppressor sight I used but it wasn’t an issue. Another thing that I look for on my IWB holsters is a sweat guard. If it doesn’t have a sweat guard then I won’t wear it. I had one holster in 2002 that didn’t have a sweat guard and wasn’t paying attention to it and the grip screw on my Sig Sauer P239 began to rust. I cleaned the screw off and got a new holster. I practiced drawing the 320 X-Compact from the holster many times and I can tell you it was a fast draw and returned into the holster with ease.

The Paragon is a comfortable and adjustable IWB holster with a lot of adjustment options.
The Paragon is an ambidextrous/reversible holster. Galco did a great job keeping the inside (the part the goes against your body) smooth to aid in comfort.

The Corvus Belt/IWB holster is an exceptional Kydex holster. It’s perfect if you want one holster that can be worn IWB or as a belt holster. It only takes a few minutes to convert it over to whatever your preferred method of carry is for the day.  The belt slots and belt loops come with the holster so you don’t have to purchase them separately. I’m telling you, it’s the total package. It’s got the sweat guard that I like, it accommodates my Leupold Deltapoint Pro, and my tall front suppressor sight wasn’t an issue. The holster draws with ease and re-holsters securely. For those interested, you can get the Corvus with a Carbon Fiber finish as well.

I love both holsters and whatever choice you make I am sure you will be pleased. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or reach out to the friendly folks at Galco. Take care and God Bless.