Streamlight Carry Lights


If you haven’t checked out Streamlight flashlights lately, you have likely missed out on some cool new illumination tools.  When it comes to brightness, quality and value, Streamlight has been the leader in flashlight innovations for many years now.  They continue that trend with another year of new products aimed at just about every facet of American life. 

Protac 1L

This light has been around awhile and is still one of my all time favorites. It was upgraded recently and now puts out 275 lumens running on a single CR123A lithium battery. With a 2 hour runtime this is a great tactical pocket light. The short battery keeps the overall length down so the light fits easily into a pocket making it great for everyday carry. The Protac 1L is waterproof and features a rubber push button tail switch. At a cost of around $50, this baby is a bargain.

Wedge EDC

The Wedge Slim Everyday Carry Flashlight is a thin, pen-like light designed to be carried in a pocket.  It has a reversible deep pocket clip which prevents it from protruding from the pocket thereby helping to ensure it doesn’t get snagged on things and inadvertently pulled out.  At just under 5.5” long and about 3 ounces, it is small and light enough to comfortably carry on you all day long.  It features a toggle type switch which falls naturally under your thumb when the light is pulled from the pocket.  But don’t let its small size fool you, this baby can put out some light.  Standard output is 300 lumens but when switched to THRO mode, it blasts out 1000 lumens of blinding light!  THRO stands for Temporarily Heightened Regulated Output and is accessed by pushing and holding the switch forward.  The Wedge is a lithium ion rechargeable light and features a waterproof USB-C port.  The light also has a battery charge indicator light under the switch so you always know its status.  This is a great light and will quickly become one of your favorites. Cost is around $90.


Speaking of favorites, the Macrostream has been one of mine from day one.  I simply love this light.  So much so that I purchased a couple of them so I have them wherever I may need them.  The Macrostream is a micro-USB lithium ion rechargeable light that puts out 500 lumens.  It has a great beam that gives you plenty of area light while still throwing light down range.  It has a multi-use pocket clip and at only 4.5” long and 2.2 ounces, it is easy to keep on you at all times.  Cost is around $60.


Keychain lights have always had a problem with brightness.  By virtue of their tiny size, they are usually only bright enough to help you find your door lock to put in your key.  The Pocketmate has changed all that.  With its lithium polymer battery, it puts out 325 lumens of bright white light, which is more than enough to blind an attacker or hopefully spot him before he can attack!  It has a charge indicator in the push-button switch and a spring-loaded carabiner clip making it easy to attach to your key ring or zipper.  They even give you color options in red, blue, silver and pink. Cost is around $25.

Think Pink!

One final note on Streamlight, not only do they make awesome illumination tools, but they truly care about society.  For over 13 years they have been a major supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  They donate the proceeds of the sales from the pink versions of their Nano Light, Siege Lantern and Strion LED Tactical Light.  Pick up one of these great lights and you will not only be getting a great product but donating to a great cause.

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