By: John J Donnellon Jr.


A few years ago at the SHOT Show I saw the SSP Eyewear top focal eyeglasses and thought they looked nice, but they had to be a gimmick. They are very well made, and more stylish than the average run of the mill shooting glasses, but at the time I had not even started to wear reading glasses, so it was not something I ever thought twice about.  We began using SSP to make our custom logo eye protection for our shooting range but did not try out the focal lenses.  Fast forward a couple years,  I am now fifty five years old, and I realized I was struggling to clearly see my sights when shooting beyond 10 yards. I was discussing this with my partner at Guninpho.com, John Russo, and he suggested we contact SSP and see if they could send a pair of these glasses for me to evaluate. John contacted SSP on my behalf, and after discussing my needs, they sent an ULTRA KIT kit for me to check out.

THANK YOU…THANK YOU….THANK YOU!   The glasses arrived and were very simple to figure out.  I choose the top focal for my dominant eye and the standard or lower focal for my non dominant eye.  My current reader strength is a 2, but for shooting or arm’s length I found 1.75 to be correct for me. I put glasses on and walked up to the range deck to see how they were going to work.  I noticed a couple things right away, the best of which was how quickly my eyes adjusted to these glasses.  I could see my sights as clear as ever, and could read my cell phone as well!  The position of the magnification portions of these glasses worked perfectly for me. In the past I would have my shooting glasses and then a second pair of readers hooked on me somewhere so I could read text messages, or simply call out the next course of fire for my students.  Like this article’s title, “OLD EYES GAME CHANGER”, these truly are a game changer for me.  I simply love these glasses.  I don’t have to take them off, I can shoot, read and always have a top quality pair of safety glasses on in case anything happens even if I’m not expecting it. These glasses meet ANSI / ISEA Specifications for high impact protection, and come with three choices of lens color: amber, clear, and anti-fog smoke.  The lenses can be mixed and matched in any configuration you desire.  The glasses come in a very nice case with easy to understand lens changing instructions.  I would recommend these glasses to anyone who is currently wearing reading glasses and enjoys shooting sports.  I am sure they will surprise you as they did me.  You will not be disappointed with this product it is a must have for us older fading eye sight shooters or anyone currently wearing reading glasses.

These glasses are now a permanent part of my range bag!

Visit www.sspeyewear.com for more information

Here is a video link explaining this top notch product:  https://youtu.be/uYVdWb  AEDz0

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John Donnellon  "JD " is a Retired Chief of Police from Southern California.  He started his LE career in 1983, in a small town in New Jersey before moving west. John was also a Firefighter / Engineer on his home town Volunteer Fire Department.  John moved to Southern California in 1987 where he continued his law enforcement career working as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, DUI Enforcement Officer, SWAT Team Member, Motorcycle Traffic Officer and Chief of Police for a Tribal Police Department after retiring from his Agency.   In addition to his regular duties John was a member of the firearms training unit for most of his career.  John is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor, armorer and SWAT Officer.  John has remained employed by his agency as a  Firearms Instructor and is currently a member of the Firearms Training Unit.  A life Member of the NRA, and being a motorcycle nut also a life member of the AMA.