I have been instructing firearms for civilian and Law enforcement professionals for thirty plus years, and the title says it all. I admit when I decided to review this product, I was skeptical and felt it might be a gimmick. I am pleasantly surprised and excited to share that this product is all it claims and more!

         Prior to receiving the Mantis X10 Elite, I downloaded the App, and looked at what features were going to be available and usable for my training application and needs. The app does not disappoint. After playing around a little to see what was usable for my applications, I was ready for the unit to arrive and get out to the range. I had a law enforcement training day scheduled for a local agency two days after receiving the unit. I figured I would have a captive audience, and a group of guys that would give me real world honest feedback. We ran through several of the drills which are available with the Mantis and each one impressed us more. The Mantis worked flawlessly communicating with the app, and the start beep was loud enough even with non-electronic ear protection. I know my shooters were just as impressed as I was with the ease of use, and instant feedback. The unit communicated with my cell phone perfectly, it did not miss recording any of the shots during any of the drills. Training with police officers all day, and not one negative comment. If you have ever trained or trained with law enforcement personnel, you know they are brutally honest when it comes to their training, and they toss aside products that do not work. I am certain there will be new Mantis X10 Elites in their range bags soon!

         About a week or so later I had the opportunity to train with a couple of new shooters. We started off using the Mantis X10 Elite in Dry Fire mode. I was not completely sure how this would work because these shooters were starting with no experience at all.   It turned out to be an incredible teaching tool. We would discuss the basics about grip and trigger press then use the Mantis X10 Elite in the OPEN TRANING mode to instantly receive feedback. I know my students trusted me to furnish this information to them, but it is hard to explain how much more receptive they were when Mantis X10 Elite system showed the real time on my cell phone. My shooters were thoroughly impressed with the technology. They both said they will buy the Mantis X10 Elite after only using it for about twenty minutes and only in dry fire mode. We then discussed range rules, safety, and then we were off to live fire. What I saw right away and did not expect was a heightened sense of shooter concentration. The shooters were aware of the Mantis X10 Elite having the ability to measure their progress and potential problems, so they were obviously more focused. The shooters did an excellent job going over each step that we discussed in the classroom environment, and their results were noticeably better than previous shooters I had trained with similar time and experience. The coaching tips in the app were spot on, I would mention what I was observing as the students were shooting, then we used the Mantis X10 Elite to show what was recorded.  The tips were both accurate, and easy for the shooter to understand. This product is simply the best training tool I have ever seen, HANDS DOWN! I originally thought it would be something to fine tune accomplished shooting skills, but quickly realized this is for anyone who wants to become a shooter or polish skills. This Mantis X10 Elite is now a permanent tool that will be with me anytime I am training personally or training others.

          I am inserting a link to the Mantis site so everyone can view the videos which Mantis has online are very well done and can explain more features than I could write about. In conclusion of this review, I would HIGHLY recommend and endorse this product, it works as advertised!

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John Donnellon  "JD " is a Retired Chief of Police from Southern California.  He started his LE career in 1983, in a small town in New Jersey before moving west. John was also a Firefighter / Engineer on his home town Volunteer Fire Department.  John moved to Southern California in 1987 where he continued his law enforcement career working as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, DUI Enforcement Officer, SWAT Team Member, Motorcycle Traffic Officer and Chief of Police for a Tribal Police Department after retiring from his Agency.   In addition to his regular duties John was a member of the firearms training unit for most of his career.  John is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor, armorer and SWAT Officer.  John has remained employed by his agency as a  Firearms Instructor and is currently a member of the Firearms Training Unit.  A life Member of the NRA, and being a motorcycle nut also a life member of the AMA.