Nexbelt – The Belt With No Holes


If you carry a gun and wear it in a way requiring a belt for support, you know the value of a quality pants belt.  Even if you don’t carry a gun, a quality belt is just more comfortable to wear.  When I was a rookie cop, I first realized I needed a good belt to support the weight of carrying a handgun.  I went to my local gun show and found a guy selling belts.  He swore they were “made of the highest quality leather” and could easily handle a holstered handgun.  I fell for it and within a week the belt had broken in and would fold like a taco with any weight on it.  It was at that point I learned the lesson of what makes a real gun belt. 

Nexbelt’s leather belts look great with a suit or dressed down with jeans.

A pants belt made to carry a gun must have some type of stiffener.  Typically, it is made of two or more layers of material with a Kydex or metal liner sandwiched in the middle.  Many companies make good belts with this feature and they hold up a gun very well.  I have written about quality belts and holsters for over 15 years and have a closet full of great belts.  The problem I continually ran into was I always seemed to need to add an extra hole or two to get the perfect fit I wanted.  Now, this could be due to the fact that I’m an Italian married to a Mexican (we do like food in our house!), but it is largely due to belts fitting differently as you wear different pants or different holsters.  Then a few years ago I stumbled onto a revolutionary product known as the ratchet belt. 

Nexbelt’s technology continues to advance. Their red ratchet zipper is unique to Nexbelt and is the strongest and most durable on the market.

The ratchet belt does away the traditional holes in the belt and instead uses a ratcheting teeth system to allow the belt to adjust in ¼” increments.  This allows the wearer to get that perfect fit.  But not all ratchet belts are created equal.  There are many companies making ratchet type belts but there only a few making quality gun belts.  One of my favorites is Nexbelt.  Ratchet belt technology has been around for over 25 years, but mostly overseas.  Nexbelt was one of the pioneers in bringing it to the U.S. and continues to refine and advance the technology.  Their belts and buckles truly are made from the highest quality materials.  The variety of belt colors and materials along with the many different buckle designs is amazing.  They have a combination to fit whatever adventure awaits you.

My latest favorite Nexbelt is the Supreme Appendix.  This belt has a smaller buckle which makes is easier to wear off to the side if you want to wear a gun in an appendix carry fashion.  I like to wear this belt when teaching CCW classes and have found it very easy to put an IWB holster on and off during demos.   

The Supreme Appendix belt makes wearing a gun up front much easier. It is also nice if you just like a smaller buckle.

I started wearing Nexbelt about 4 years ago and it is my go to belt.  I always get the perfect fit, regardless of the clothing/gun/holster combination I may be wearing.  The belts are super durable and look great.  If you haven’t tried one yet, get on it!  You won’t be disappointed.

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John Russo is a life-long hunter, shooter and outdoorsman. He is a retired Police Sergeant from Southern California with over 29 years of service. He has been a SWAT Sniper, Child Abuse Detective and Homicide Unit Supervisor. As the leader of the Police Department's Firearms Training Unit, he has been teaching firearms for over 26 years to law enforcement, military and civilians. His credentials include a laundry list of certifications as an instructor and armorer on all types of weapon systems. John has been writing for various gun magazines for many years and has been published over 100 times on topics ranging from hunting, shooting, guns, training and law enforcement.