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If you shoot firearms that use detachable magazines, odds are you have experienced moments when the mag was a little tough to load. This is common with new magazines and certain brands of mags. I have been loading mags for over 40 years and have found that it is much easier for me to load a mag than my average student. However, even a veteran shooter comes across mags that are tough for them to load. To address this, many companies have created tools to help you load your magazines. SPD-Mags took this to the next level and created a whole new magazine design.

SPD-Mags are currently available for Glock and AR platforms with new models coming soon for the Sig 320 and S&W Shield.

SPD-Mags created a magazine that allows you to compress the spring and lower the follower by twisting a built-in dial on the base plate. This allows you to simply drop your rounds in rather than fight the spring on each one. They are super simple to operate: Simply twist the dial clockwise a turn or two, drop in a couple rounds, and repeat the process until the mag is full. Once full, just twist the dial counterclockwise and the full tension of the spring is released. The mag is then ready for use. Due to the dial system on the base plate, you will find the mags are a little larger on the bottom and stick out from the gun a bit more. I don’t think this is an issue unless using it for concealed carry. These will make great training magazines for the times when you need to repeatedly reload.

By twisting the dial on the base, the spring tension is relieved making the mag simple to load!

I met the folks at SPD-Mags while at SHOT Show this year. They said it took them over 4 years of design and testing before getting a final flawless product. I have been testing the Glock and AR mags for the past two months and have not had a single failure in any way. They are not only easy to load but also to unload. they feed great and easily drop free from the weapon. They are made of a super durable carbon fiber composite which is 15x stronger than steel. They are 100% made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. If you ever wished your mags were easier to load, you have to give these a try.


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