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John Donnellon  "JD " is a Retired Chief of Police from Southern California.  He started his LE career in 1983, in a small town in New Jersey before moving west. John was also a Firefighter / Engineer on his home town Volunteer Fire Department.  John moved to Southern California in 1987 where he continued his law enforcement career working as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, DUI Enforcement Officer, SWAT Team Member, Motorcycle Traffic Officer and Chief of Police for a Tribal Police Department after retiring from his Agency.   In addition to his regular duties John was a member of the firearms training unit for most of his career.  John is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor, armorer and SWAT Officer.  John has remained employed by his agency as a  Firearms Instructor and is currently a member of the Firearms Training Unit.  A life Member of the NRA, and being a motorcycle nut also a life member of the AMA.

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