NEXBELT “The Belt with No Holes”



While walking the Shot Show this year I came across an interesting product “Nexbelt”

Like many other products, it appeared to be a home run!  I spoke with the product rep for a while.  He showed me the product, explained what made their product unique.  He was excited to show me how the belts worked, and knew the product and company story inside and out.  Rather than paraphrase, here is a link to the online video at their site.  It was also explained to me that everything they sell is mix and match. There are a variety of belt styles, and buckles to fit your personal style.  You choose your belt and choose the style of the buckle!  The quality of the belts and buckles is far higher than expected for the cost.  I am sure he saw my excitement and thankfully asked if I would be interested in testing the belt then assured me he would contact me after the show.

Several months have passed since shot, but true to his word he contacted me and sent me a belt for testing and evaluation.   My first impression of the packaging and quality of the belt was “WOW”.  The Packaging was very nice, and the belt even nicer.  You can see in the photos the belt I received was a dress belt with a very nice stylish buckle.  I first thought this was way too nice to be a gun belt, and was worried due to the price point I might be disappointed.  I cut the belt per the instructions and it was a perfect fit.  I then wore the belt every day for two weeks.  The ¼ inch ratchet style adjustment worked flawlessly along with the magnetic catch on the buckle.  The design of the buckle is pure genius, having a spring break with a belt of this design would require cutting the belt off. This buckle worked perfectly,  it made switching from OWB to IWB carry very easy.  I tried to break the ratchet during the testing and nothing hurt this mechanism. I would estimate I put 300 + lbs. of pull force on it and there was no movement at all.  I used both an inside the waistband appendix carry and an outside the waistband hip carry.  I really tried to make this belt fail, but nothing I did made the belt fold or curl.  This is by far the best gun belt, and best looking belt I have ever tested.  I hope the pictures in this article do the belt justice, there is not a mark on it and I certainly was not easy on the belt.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this product.  The wide range of styles and buckles make it a no brainer for any application.  This company is doing an amazing job on these belts at a reasonable price point.   From casual cargo shorts to a three piece suit, you are covered.  The comfort of this belt amazes me.  There are not pressure points or sharp / hard edges that pinch or poke. I have been wearing belts in my personal and professional life for over thirty years.  This belt is by far the best I have ever worn.  I will be a NEXBELT customer for life.   I truly appreciate the opportunity to test this belt and write this review.

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John Donnellon is a retired police officer from Southern California. He started his LE career in 1983, in a small town in New Jersey before moving west. John was also a Firefighter / Engineer on his home town Volunteer Fire Department. John moved to Southern California in 1987 where he continued his law enforcement career working as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, DUI Enforcement Officer, SWAT Team Member, and Motorcycle Traffic Officer. In addition to his regular duties John was a member of the firearms training unit for most of his career. John is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor, armorer and SWAT Officer. John has remained employed by his agency as a part time member of the Firearms Training Unit. He also enjoys hunting, and has traveled to several western states to hunt various game animals. Motorcycling and Off-Roading are two activities he is very passionate about and he spends most of his free time with his family enjoying his motorcycles and Polaris RZR’s in the Southern California Desert. John, along with his son Kevin, runs a successful small business. JD Built, Inc. is a large format digital printing business serving large and small businesses with their print and marketing needs.