DFW Holster Company – Inside Waistband (IWB) Magazine Carrier (Product Review)


(Product Review)


I have been carrying a Glock 43 9mm single stack pistol now as my almost every day carry gun for a while now.  One drawback of carrying such a small pistol is I only have eight shots in the magazine (yes, I carry a plus one mag).  So I find there is a need in my mind to have a spare magazine with me.  And besides, it keeps me legal in those silly places with magazine restrictions.  But a magazine just floating in the pocket is not good. An outside the waistband mag carrier is bulky and almost as hard to hide as the pistol.  The best solution I have found is to carry my spare magazine in an IWB carrier made by DFW Holster Company.


This small carrier is ambidextrous and held on the belt by a strong metal clip.  The carrier itself is made of plastic and is adjustable for tension.  I have found that it has little bulk and is very convenient for me to carry right next to my pistol, which I carry IWB in an appendix carry.


Now for the really good part!  This little gem of an item is only $12.95 right now on their website.  And it comes in various sizes for just about any magazine you may want to carry. I am very pleased with this product and I can highly recommend it to you.  And no, I did not get one free to make this endorsement.  I actually spent some of my hard earned pension on this item!