Sentinel Concepts Blaster Bag Pro by TUFF Products by


I received a Sentinel Concepts Blaster Bag made by TUFF Products yesterday (on a Sunday no less…..thank you Amazon). I played with it yesterday and today and set the bag up for a typical day at the range. I was able to load it up with my Glock 19 and five extra magazines, my S&W 639 and three extra magazines, two fifty round boxes of ammo, and miscellaneous range gear. There was a place for everything and everything was in its place. The bag is very well made with lots of padding to protect my cherished handguns.Blaster Black Pic 2

I swapped out guns and put my full frame 1911 and my Ruger Vaquero revolver in the bag. Both guns have 5 inch barrels. Both fit nicely. The bag really holds an awful lot of stuff. If there is any flaw, it is that it holds so much, it can get heavy. But then again, even stuffed, there was no sag or stretching of the material. And with all the padding and pockets, nothing was banging together.

Blaster Black Pic 3

This bag will very much suit my needs for any range day or as an additional bug-out bag as needed. I highly recommend this item.  It is currently available on Amazon at:

The price is $59.99.