The Ultimate Smart & Rugged Safe

This is a first for me, but I have to start this review with what should be my conclusion. This safe is amazing, a must buy. Hopefully I do it justice with my words. It is rare now a days to get a product that performs exactly as advertised. The Vaultek VT20i does it every time. I was impressed with this product as soon as it arrived and opened the box. The safe arrived just as promised within a couple days. The box is a marketing masterpiece, perfectly packaged displaying the safe along with the owner’s manual and included accessories.

Getting started! I removed the owner’s manual from the box and quickly read through it. The manual is well written and very easy to understand. I followed the simple and clear instructions on how to install the battery and begin programming the safe. I had the number pad programmed in a minute or so, and the biometric fingerprint set up with my thumb and index finger in another couple minutes. I started playing with the print pad and number keys right away and they both worked every single time, and the fingerprint pad was faster than expected. I download the Vaultek app for my phone which again was very easy to set up. The Bluetooth paired quickly, and worked flawlessly. I was able to open the safe with the app over twenty feet away. The app view includes the battery level and again shows how well thought out this safe is. I forgot to mention the light on the interior of the safe that illuminates when the safe is open. I did this testing at a law enforcement range, and had several police officers try it and get their opinion on the safe.   There was not one negative comment or concern after they saw the Vaultek operate. Most of the officers that took the time to try the safe asked for the information so
they could purchase one.

IMG_3906Now to the construction of the VT20i. This safe is made with 16 gauge steel with the hinges and locks not visible from the outside. This makes for a very impressive look as well as making it very difficult to defeat. The safe closes with tight tolerances which make any pry attempt much harder than similar size safes currently available on the market. This safe can be either hard mounted or cable mounted using the supplied cable and again simple instructions. The size has also been well thought out. I was able to accommodate a full sized HK VP-9 and a compact Glock 43 inside the safe together. I feel most of us will actually have a single firearm in the safe with possible some extra magazines or ammo; all of which will comfortably fit. For peace of mind Vaultek has a printable template that is 1:1 scale of the interior of the safe to test fit your firearms. You’ll find the Vaultek fit guide and list of popular firearms that fit online.

Being from California it is now illegal to simply lock a firearm in your car. It needs to be in a separate locking case, and there is no exemption for law enforcement or CCW holders. Based on the definition from DOJ, and the Vaultek website, Vaultek Products all comply.

So in conclusion, I was sent this safe to test and evaluate because our readers asked for information and recommendations. A return label was included in my package to send the safe back once I finished. Prior to writing this article I contacted Vaultek and told them I would not be sending this back and gave them my credit card information. This is a must buy! I will be contacting them in the near future for a second safe for my other car. I would recommend that our readers look at the Vaultek line of products. I actually own a couple safes like this from other companies, but after using this Vaultek I will be replacingthe others.

The Retail Price for the Vaultek VT20i is $249.99 Including ground shipping
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